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What are the alternatives when taking impressions?
So, one of the options that we do have here is we've got an intraoral scanner, so that's a little magic wand effectively that we can take lots of pictures of the patient's mouth with instead of using the conventional impression material.
What is involved in a general examination?
In a general examination, we will start by confirming your medical history. Once we’ve done that, we'll have a good feel around your neck and chin just to make sure there's no lumps or bumps. This is ...
Nish Yadev - Dentist in Nottingham at The Campbell Clinic
Here at The Campbell Clinic there are many clinicians and staff members you can meet, here you can get to know a little bit about Nish Yadev, one of our dentists. 
Will Orthodontic treatment be painful?
Compared to other aspects of dentistry I think Orthodontic treatment is relatively pain-free however when you have any appliance first placed on the teeth it's normal to expect a little bit of aching ...