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What is involved in a general examination?
In a general examination, we will start by confirming your medical history. Once we’ve done that, we'll have a good feel around your neck and chin just to make sure there's no lumps or bumps. This is part of an oral cancer screening that we should be doing as routine.
Nish Yadev - Dentist in Nottingham at The Campbell Clinic
Here at The Campbell Clinic there are many clinicians and staff members you can meet, here you can get to know a little bit about Nish Yadev, one of our dentists. 
Will Orthodontic treatment be painful?
Compared to other aspects of dentistry I think Orthodontic treatment is relatively pain-free however when you have any appliance first placed on the teeth it's normal to expect a little bit of aching ...
Questions patients should ask their dentist when considering orthodontic treatment
Ideally, before starting any orthodontic treatment you want to make sure that you have a clean bill of health so, it's really important that you get regular dental check-ups from your local dentist ...