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Have you lost a single tooth?
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The Campbell Clinic is a specialist, private dental practice in Nottingham.

Dedicated to helping you make the right decisions, our team of dentists in Nottingham can guide you on your journey to confidence with your smile and problem-free teeth.

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Orthodontics Nottingham

Orthodontics in Nottingham

Access private, specialist orthodontic services in Nottingham including fixed braces, Invisalign, ceramic and lingual braces.

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Dental Implants

Lasting, natural-feeling beautiful smiles

Dental implants are as close as it is possible to get to the look, feel, and function of real teeth. We provide 3 levels of pricing for dental implant treatment enabling you to restore your smile, now and for the future.

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Dental Implants Nottingham

Orthodontics Nottingham

Cosmetic Options

Dental implant guarantee

All dental implant treatments include a guarantee of up to 10-years*

The facilities

State-of-the-art facilities at The Campbell Clinic

Our technology

We invest in technology to help us deliver outstanding dentistry

We give generously

1% of our annual turnover is donated to charity

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Patient Cases

Dental Implants & Bridge

The patient wanted to replace their missing teeth in the upper right corner of their mouth and decided to go with the fixed solution of two dental implants and a bridge. The treatment was a success and they've had no problems since.

Root Canal Treatment

After previous root canal treatment and crowns on their 2 front teeth, this patient came in to discuss their options and decided to go with the option of trying to save the teeth. The treatment has been a success with no further symptoms.

Switching to Implants

This patient didn't want to wear a partial denture and so opted to have implants. The surgery consisted of a sinus graft first, 4 implants, and a bridge. The treatment was successful and the patient has had no further symptoms.

Meet our Nottingham Team

Colin Campbell

Specialist in Oral Surgery
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Beatriz Sanchez

Dental Surgeon
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Andrew Legg

Dental Surgeon
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Alex Jones

Dental Surgeon
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Maria Fernandez

General Dentist
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Nishant Yadev

General Dentist
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Angela Cowell

General Dentist
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Andrew Flett

Consultant Orthodontist
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Bill Seddon

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Rajan Nansi

Specialist in Periodontics
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Karen Walker

Senior Implant Hygienist
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Leanne Braisby

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Emma McCormack

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Bethany Maynard

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Clinical Manager


Implant Nurse & Surgical Nursing Team Leader


Implant Nurse


Dental Nurse


Dental Nurse


Dental Nurse