The Perfect Implant Denture

Secure dentures

If you are someone who has a loose or ill-fitting dentures, you know how much it can be a problem, affecting your confidence as well as your ability to eat or even speak in comfort. Implant-retained dentures are life-changing.

By fitting a small number of dental implants, it is possible to securely fix your dentures in place without needing to use denture adhesives or pastes. Different types of implant retained or supported dentures are available depending on individual patient requirements.

Peace of mind

Implant-retained dentures offer you peace of mind and improved function when compared to traditional dentures. They are also a cost-effective way of replacing many teeth. By placing implants into your jaw, we can also help preserve the remaining bone and restore lip support so that your mouth looks younger and more defined.


Implant-retained dentures

  • A cost effective and aesthetically-pleasing way to replace many teeth
  • Eat and smile with confidence, knowing that your dentures won’t slip
  • Helps to preserve your remaining jaw and restore your facial structure
  • Secure and comfortable with minimal slipping or moving
  • Peace of mind for denture wearers

Patient Reviews

A 60-year search for the perfect dental practice ended here: skill, artistry, professionalism, kindness, a can-do attitude and a willingness to treat the whole patient have exceeded all expectations. Three beautiful implants – none of them easy – later; I would never go anywhere else.



Thank you to all the staff for commitment and professional attention throughout the implant procedure, it has made such a difference to my quality of life.


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