Fixed Braces Nottingham

Straighten your smile with traditional fixed braces


At The Campbell Clinic in Nottingham, we provide fixed braces as one of our options for teeth straightening.


Why choose Fixed Braces?

  • Strong and efficient
    The brace is permanently fixed in place and is very precise. It's likely to be the best way to get the most perfectly straight smile.
  • Treatment is straightforward
    The brackets are stuck to your teeth at your bond-up appointment. As they're fixed to your teeth, they are straightening them 24/7.
  • There are different choices with your fixed brace
    Ceramic and stainless steel with ceramic being more discreet.
  • Can even be adapted to different colours
    Younger patients can add flair with colour bands. Match it to your outfit or favourite sports team! If you're looking for a more discreet option, ceramic, incognito or Invisalign braces may be the answer.

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What are fixed braces?

Ceramic and stainless steel brackets can drastically reduce how much you need to spend on braces.

Traditional stainless steel braces are typically the most cost-effective option and are still widely used because they can correct difficult problems that may not be possible with other types of orthodontic solutions. The wires and brackets are incredibly strong and efficient.

Stainless steel wires and brackets are much smaller and more discreet than they were in the past and can even be adapted with different colours now.

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How do fixed braces work?

Here at The Campbell Clinic Nottingham, we form a 3D digital scan to customise a treatment plan with you before the brace is fitted.

Fixed braces involve using wires and putting brackets into precise positions on your teeth. This allows us to gain 3D control of the teeth and move them into specific positions. Sometimes elastics and springs are used to open and close gaps. 

We try to ensure that we see you every 6-8 weeks to adjust the brace so that treatment is completed as efficiently as possible. Most fixed brace treatments take between 18 to 24 months to complete.

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Frequently asked questions
How long will I have to wear fixed braces?

Dependent on the treatment objectives, some treatments can take 1-2 years. Some limited objective treatment plans can be completed in 6-9 months.

Will my brace hurt?

No, having braces fitted shouldn’t hurt. However, when you have any appliance first placed on your teeth it's normal to expect a bit of aching and discomfort for the first 24-48 hours.

Following the 24 hours, as the wires start to pull at the teeth, the aching tends to build a little over a few days and then settle down.

The feel of the brace takes more time to get used to and sometimes you may need to use relief wax to alleviate the rubbing of the brace but most people are fine after a few weeks and become fully comfortable with the feel of the braces in their mouth.

Can I remove the brace?

No, the brace is bonded to your teeth and works constantly until the end of your treatment when our consultant orthodontist will debond it for you.

Can I eat normally?

Yes, once your brace has settled in you will be able to enjoy food like you used to. Be mindful of hard and crunchy foods as these could damage the brace and the wires. The consumption of sugary food and drinks should be kept to a minimum or avoided totally to avoid tooth decay.

How do I clean my teeth with braces?

You should take longer to clean around the braces, whilst using a normal toothbrush is fine, it is also useful to use interspace brushes such as Tepe brushes. You can also use floss or super floss but we will show how best to use this.

What do I do if my brace breaks?

If your brace breaks, don't worry as this can happen. Assess the damage, if the wire is still in place leave it in place until you can see your orthodontist. Then make an appointment with your orthodontist to come in and have it fixed.

How long does each appointment take?

Fitting or removing the brace means you will be in the practice for up to an hour. This is not an hour of having treatment but everything combined. Brace adjustments will usually take around 10 to 15 minutes.

How often will I need to be seen for appointments?

We normally see patients every 6-8 weeks. This gives time for the teeth to move but also for the teeth to recover from any movements made.

Will I need impressions taking?

Here at The Campbell Clinic Nottingham, we form a 3D digital scan to customise a treatment plan with you before the brace is fitted.

Can I choose the colours of my brace?

Yes! The colour relates to the elastic bands that are used to tie the wire into the brace. You can still have coloured elastics whether you are having metal or ceramic braces.

Will the brace damage my teeth?

The brace will not damage the teeth but what you eat or drink during the treatment could.

Does it hurt removing braces?

In most cases, the braces are removed in a few minutes without any real discomfort.