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Our highly skilled and experienced team delivers treatment options to support patients through a range of health and aesthetic issues. These include replacing one or more missing teeth with dental implants, offering the latest treatments to save your natural teeth where possible, and stabilising existing ill-fitting dentures.

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  • I have a missing tooth
  • My teeth aren’t straight
  • I don’t like the appearance of my teeth
  • I don’t like my dentures
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I have a missing tooth

At The Campbell Clinic we specialise in implant dentistry. With Colin Campbell, a specialist in Oral Surgery, Andy Legg and Beatriz Sanchez to provide consultations, treatment diagnosis, preparation and surgery in-house with the help of other clinicians at The Campbell Clinic.

Implant dentistry can vary from a single tooth replacement to a full mouth, all of which The Campbell Clinic can provide. Your treatment will be discussed with you extensively and will be made bespoke to your individual needs.

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