Social Legacy Project

At the heart of The Campbell Clinic is a drive to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

What is the Social Legacy Project?

The Campbell Clinic Social Legacy Project is all about making a difference - to our patients, our team, the wider community and to future generations. We are committed to supporting a number of charities (local, national and international), providing opportunities for the next generation of dentists, and finding new ways to promote sustainability and care for the environment within our practice.  

We call these commitments our ‘Social Legacy’ because we want everything we do to leave a legacy for future generations – in our local area and beyond. We do this by making money, time and opportunities available and by ensuring everyone who works with and for us understands that this is one of the driving strategies behind our practice.

What We Do

Fundraising: we hold an annual social event to raise funds for the main charities we support, giving the opportunity for these charities to raise awareness of their work in our local community and beyond. We also run a number of smaller fundraising activities in the practice.


We support and encourage our team to take part in individual or group fundraising activities, and match funds raised (to a limit) as part of our HR strategy.

We contribute a percentage of our annual turnover to our Social Legacy fund.

Whom We Support

At the Campbell Clinic, the whole team decides which charities to support, and we aim to commit to these charities for 3-years. We are just entering a new 3-year period (as of 2023) and we are delighted to continue supporting Framework and the Children’s Bereavement Centre as well as a new national charity, The Canmore Trust.

Our Chosen Charities

Framework Nottingham: Framework provides housing support to the homeless, specialist health and social care, employment support and bespoke care to improve quality of life, all aimed at empowering people to learn new skills, live independently and control their own future.  


The Children’s Bereavement Centre (Newark & Nottinghamshire): supports children aged 3 to 18 who have suffered a bereavement, providing one-to-one and group support, play therapy, support for schools, counselling for parents and much more.

The Canmore Trust: A national charity creating safe spaces for lives impacted by suicide.

JUNO Women’s Aid: The largest domestic abuse organisation in Nottingham, and one of the largest in the UK, JUNO work with women, children and teens who have been affected by domestic abuse.

In addition, we make monthly donations to local Foodbanks, Christmas collections, and small donations to other charities nominated by staff or patients. 

Next Generation

Many roles contribute to the successful running of a dental practice. Work experience with us has, traditionally, been a reactive response to enquiries and focussed solely on those interested in becoming a dentist. However, our Next Generation project sees us working with Nottingham city schools to promote careers in dental nursing, hygiene, and dentistry itself – providing work experience and shadowing opportunities to help students enter these professions. We can also assist with travel expenses to remove potential barriers to accessing work experience, and we provide mentoring support where appropriate.

The Environment and Sustainability

We have invested in washable reusable gowns for our hygienist team to replace single-use plastic aprons. At a time when so much plastic is being thrown away for incineration as clinical waste, we wanted to do our bit to reduce this. A clean gown is used for every patient.


We have replaced a number of plastic disposable pieces of clinical requirement with metal ones we can sterilise. Equipment is still changed for every patient, but we can now use our autoclave to sterilise and reuse many times. 


We have solar panels on our practice roof. Ideally placed for Nottingham’s sunny days, we do whatever is possible to reduce our environmental footprint.

We make sure that if we can buy recycled/recyclable, we do, for both clinical and non-clinical use. From biodegradable cups to plastic-free dishwashing tablets in recyclable packs, we are always looking for ways to reduce single-use plastic. We are also a drop-off point for the Phillips Dental Care Recycling Programme.

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