Benefits of Referring to The Campbell Clinic

As a referring General Dentist of The Campbell Clinic, not only will you have the reassurance that your patients are in good hands, you will have the support, the communication and the open, honest and ethical relationship with the clinicians and the dental staff at the Clinic. 

Referral Liaison Coordinator

At The Campbell Clinic, we have a Referral Liaison Coordinator who is on hand to help support and communicate with our referring practitioners. Whether this be towards their patients they have referred, the treatment they're undertaking or direct contact to clinicians for help, advice or a general opinion, the Referral Liaison Coordinator is the first point of contact for our referring General Dentists. 

Discounted courses with The Campbell Academy 

As a referring General Dentist and a colleague of The Campbell Clinic, we will offer discounted prices to some of the Campbell Academy courses. We believe in giving back and helping our colleagues around is improve, develop and learn more within the industry. The Campbell Academy courses are a great way to build on the relationships we create, and overall can help one and other in the industry on dental techniques, opinions and experiences. 

General Dental Practitioner Peer Review

At The Campbell Clinic, we run a GDP Peer Review group. As a referring practitioner to the practice you will be notified of these extraordinary meetings. You will have an input into what will be discussed at these meetings and you will have a chance to join a tribe of people who are interested in gaining more for their clinical practice. You can bring cases to these groups, where you get the chance to gain different opinions and techniques based on other colleagues qualifications and opinions and overall present different treatment options for the benefit of your patients. You meet new people, who in return can help and bring the dental community together for the benefit of ourselves, our practice and mostly our patients. 

Multi Disciplinary Team

Within the Campbell Clinic, we present a Multi Disciplinary Team meeting on a weekly basis. This means we're able to gain multiple specialist and general opinions on cases which can prove some what difficult. It allows even the most complex and advanced cases to have an answer and benefit our patients. As a referring practitioner, you're able to put forward cases for this meeting. If you're struggling for an answer or would just like the opinion of a specialist you're able to ask the team and gain knowledge and experience from multiple people in one sitting.