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The Campbell Clinic's Response to Coronavirus

Firstly, I just want to say a huge thank you to all of the many patient who have sent us such lovely good wishes throughout the last three months, both in relation to these correspondence and also for the presents and gifts that we've received in the clinic, I would also like to say thank you for the google reviews that we've received recently from patients which are such a great help to us and are really appreciated and a big lift for the team. 

Although this has been an extremely difficult and unsettling year for everybody, I'm delighted to let everybody know that at the end of the financial year the clinic looks to continue to go from strength to strength. 

One indication of that is that this week we welcome three new members of the team to the clinic including 2 student dental nurses and one new receptionist. Our two student dental nurses follow on a history that we have with working with apprentices or student dental nurses to bring people into dentistry and to develop them into individuals who are keen to follow a long-term career. We've had some huge success with the student dental nurse model and hope to continue to do that with our new colleagues in the practice. 

On reception we are joined by Alison to help the team who have been working so hard over the past few months and she comes from an experienced dental background on reception and we're delighted to have her. We also welcomed Nancy to our marketing team a few weeks ago so, there are many new faces around the clinic with our staff number now at 44. 

As far as the site at the new practice is concerned, we continue to develop this and will continue to do so throughout the year. We've added new signage and patient parking direction signage and we've also added hardcore to the unit 4 site which adds an additional 60 car parking spaces if we need them for other events and functions at the clinic. Internally there is much work to be done with the continuation of the snagging from the build project and we've actually decided to redecorate some aspects of the clinic even though it's only a year old, as this was not completed exactly to our standard by the builders so, expect some changes when you come to reception. 

We hope we're reaching the beginning of the end of the pandemic restrictions and our reception will be able to return to the way it was designed, in huge comfort and with drinks offered to all of our patients and wifi for working if you're waiting for one of your loved ones. 

The teaching side of our clinic with The Campbell Academy also continues to go from strength to strength as many of our face-to-face courses this year are fully booked and our new selection of online courses for dentists to help them develop as clinicians moving forwards. 

One of the benefits for patients of The Campbell Academy courses is that for some individuals it's possible to attend as course patients and receive a huge reduction in implant dentistry costs for implant treatment options. If this is something you might be interested in then please don't hesitate to contact. Sometimes this depends on suitability of the patient but we'd be happy to discuss with anyone who might be interested to try and access this. 

With this in mind, it's also worth mentioning that the pricing project which we initiated last year with level 1, level 2 and level 3 pricing aspects is now in full flow. Level 1 provides the highest level possible implant treatment for patients with our most experienced clinicians and a guarantee of 10 years on all implant procedures. Level 2 provides an excellent service from Campbell Clinic clinicians using Straumann dental implant components and a 5 year guarantee and level 3 (where suitable) allows patients to access subsidised dental implant treatment at the lowest possible cost  when part of courses for qualified dentists. If any of this is of interest please don't hesitate to contact laura@campbell-clinic.co.uk who will be able to discuss it and go through it with you for an informal chat. 

We are also happy to accept referrals from family or friends who are in need of help and assistance and we do this often and again Laura will be able to help and discuss if required. 

You may be referred by your general dental practitioner or you may access us directly or you may be recommended through a friend but we are happy to discuss with anyone what the requirements might be and what they might need. Remember that if you refer a friend to the clinic then you win a prize and we'll send you something nice to say thank you very much for supporting us. 

Finally, just a short note on the charity work that the clinic has carried out. We've been providing high-level charity work for the last 6 years and have always donated 1% of our turnover for the clinic and the Academy business to good causes through our social legacy project. We organise a charity ball yearly which was postponed last year but will return again in November this year and so far the charity balls have raised over £60,000 for local and international charities. 

We now regularly support local food banks and provide regular donations to local charities. These are often recommended or demonstrated to us by patients in the work that they do so, if there is a charity you would like us to help then please let us know! 

Finally though, on behalf of everyone here at The Campbell Clinic, I just want to say a huge thank you for all the support, good wishes and gifts that we've received from patients which have been quite overwhelming. 

As we begin our second year in our new facility we hope to go from strength to strength but only with the help and support of our wonderful patients. 

If you need anything at all then please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Best wishes from The Campbell Clinic team x

Finally, for the safety of both our patients and our team, we have made several alterations to the way that we provide dental care. The below brochure and infographic outlines the updated patient journey you will experience whilst undertaking dental treatment at The Campbell Clinic in addition to a few new things we request from you. 

Patient Journey Brochure

Patient Journey Infographic

If you are worried or concerned about potential symptoms you may have, or think you may have, the NHS have devised a checklist where you're able to check your symptoms.

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