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The Campbell Clinic's Response to Coronavirus

Dear patients of The Campbell Clinic,

We want to inform you that The Campbell Clinic will remain open during the new lockdown restrictions that were brought into place on the 5th January. 

The CDO reinforced the fact that dental professionals are defined by the Government as critical workers, and the Campbell Clinic is more than prepared with its new facility to practice safely in this situation. 

Throughout 2020 we were able to help all across dentistry from the simplest to the most complex problems and we will continue to do that and continue to increase our capacity into 2021.

We’ve dramatically increased our clinical capacity by increasing dentist hours and utilization of the treatment rooms at the new practice.

We’ve been able to restart our social legacy project contributions (1% of our turnover is donated to good causes) which allowed us to pay thousands of pounds in ‘back payments’ to the four charities that we support which are listed below!


- Frame Work

- We R Here 

- Children's Bereavement Centre 

We have also made regular contributions to staff nominated charities and heavily supported several food banks in Nottingham through the festive period.

We’ve also managed to continue education of developing dentists and dental teams and even in these circumstances we are able to move towards even more education provision in 2021.

The most important thing for us has been the ability to help as many people as possible who’ve found themselves in real difficulty due to challenging access to dentistry across the UK but in particular difficult access to NHS dentistry through circumstances that society finds itself in.

Sadly, we have no NHS funding at all at the practice and are therefore not able to offer NHS treatment to patients but aside from that we’re able to help anyone with any aspect of dental difficulty who would like to come and see us.

We introduced a new general dental practice service at the clinic which allows a monthly payment plan for dental check-ups and hygiene appointments and discounts off standard treatments and this will continue to grow in 2021.

If you or anyone you know has any difficulty with dental problems or issues and you’d just like to speak to someone to see if it’s possible to help then please feel free to contact us either by telephone, email or via our website here. 

We’re even able to offer video consultations as required for people who would like a first contact to discuss any issues or problems they have and to see if it’s possible for us to help.

As always with these short communications from me, I would just like to say a huge thank you to all the patients and dentists who’ve supported us through 2020 in what was the most extraordinary year amongst everyone’s extraordinary years because not only did we have to navigate the pandemic but we had to do that while moving into a brand-new facility and growing the team dramatically.

Without the support of our patients and referring practitioners we would never have made it this far so, whole heartedly I want to say thank you for everything you’ve done.

We are here and will continue to be here through any tier or lockdown going forwards because the clinic is set up to operate in any environment. Please don’t be scared, if you need anything, we’re waiting to hear from you and are happy to help wherever we can.

With very best wishes from everyone at The Campbell Clinic.

Yours sincerely,


Finally, for the safety of both our patients and our team, we have made several alterations to the way that we provide dental care. The below brochure and infographic outlines the updated patient journey you will experience whilst undertaking dental treatment at The Campbell Clinic in addition to a few new things we request from you. 

Patient Journey Brochure

Patient Journey Infographic

If you are worried or concerned about potential symptoms you may have, or think you may have, the NHS have devised a checklist where you're able to check your symptoms.

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