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The Campbell Clinic's Response to Coronavirus

Dear patients of The Campbell Clinic,

I’m sure many of you may have seen that many parts of the country are now moving to a different level of risk associated with the Covid-19 pandemic and this week Nottingham and surrounding areas will move to level 3.

I felt it was high past time that we provided some more and further information for our wonderful group of patients who are loyal to the practice and have been so fabulous to us since we reopened again in June and in fact were so wonderfully supportive through the lockdown from April to June.

The straightforward explanation regarding our dental practice moving to tier 3 is that it makes next to no difference to what we’ve been doing since we reopened in June.

The only real significant difference is that we’re now completely finished in our building work at the site and therefore are now the proud owners of 47 distinct car parking spaces to allow our patients the opportunity to park wherever they would like, at whatever distance they would like to feel safe about coming to the practice.

We have full ability to allow patients to wait in their cars for appointments and to be guided by reception on when to enter the building but similarly have a waiting room of such a significant size that we’re able to completely socially distance to at least uphold the normal social distance in a fully safe and Covid secure waiting area.

As I’ve explained in previous communications, the brand new building that we occupy has been designed with the highest levels of cross infection control in mind and in particular we have ‘factory fitted’ positive air-recycling systems which allow more than 10 air changes per hour in all clinical and teaching areas, making the building hugely safe in the current circumstances.

When we add this together with the fantastic team of people that we have, who are highly motivated and highly trained to be able to work within the facility; this is exactly where we were on the 8th June when we opened again.

We have found ourselves in a privileged position where we are in high demand from many of our local colleagues who are referring patients and also from patients who are referring their own family and friends who need help in the current circumstances when much of dentistry is significantly effected by the new protocols for the pandemic.

It’s been said by many people who’ve seen the facility but it’s worth saying again “if we were trying to design somewhere for the post-pandemic environment this would be it”.

While I do not want to labor the point in circumstances that are difficult for so many people, we are absolutely ‘open for business’ in the safest possible way.

Behind the scenes we’ve been working extremely hard at the continuing development of the business and have moved from strength to strength since the late spring days when we reopened.

We are so very grateful to all our fantastic patients who have been patient and understanding in the unusual circumstances we find ourselves in but we are also so grateful for all the messages of support we’ve received from patients who feel completely safe and happy to attend to see us.

As always if you need help please contact us and we’ll be happy to explain everything that needs to be done and if you know anyone who needs our help please get in touch and we will see how we can help.

Future development

During the last few months, we’ve continued the forward motion in future developments of The Campbell Clinic and Campbell Academy businesses in the new facility at Edwalton Business Park.

We’ve just recently taken delivery of a new digital intraoral scanner (this added to the previous scanner devices that we already had) but this is really something special which allows us to do much of our dentistry without any aspect of impression taking.

We’ve added this to all the digital planning for our dental implant cases and for our orthodontics and restorative dentistry. I would be happy to show you it should you attend the practice.

We’ve also introduced our new tiered dental implant system in three different levels which allow different price ranges and features for patients and can be explained in detail to anyone who is interested in looking at dental implant treatment.

Our level 1 dental implant treatment is carried out at expert level with a 10-year guarantee using the best possible components available but we also have level 2 and level 3 options for patients who wish to investigate options at lower price ranges to make dental implant treatment more accessible.

We continue to provide all the services we’ve always done including root treatment at specialist level, braces and orthodontics at specialist level, gum disease and diagnosis treatments at specialist level together with oral surgery, restorative dentistry and dental implant treatment. Our hygiene team are running at full capacity providing a full range of hygiene therapies.

We are extremely fortunate in our new circumstances that we’re able to provide a facility with which our team feel entirely safe and happy to come to work and can pass that on to patients who feel that they are in an extremely safe environment.

We are here if you need us and are happy to chat about any requirements at any time.

Our very best wishes,

Colin and The Campbell Clinic and Campbell Academy team x

Finally, for the safety of both our patients and our team, we have made several alterations to the way that we provide dental care. The below brochure and infographic outlines the updated patient journey you will experience whilst undertaking dental treatment at The Campbell Clinic in addition to a few new things we request from you. 

Patient Journey Brochure

Patient Journey Infographic

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