Nervous Patients

We have extensive experience in treating nervous patients. Our clinic is full of experienced staff who are there to cater for your needs. 



Calm & relaxed

Although most people have some nerves about visiting the dentist, we understand how distressing the prospect of treatment can be for patients with a dental anxiety or dental phobia. At The Campbell Clinic, we provide a calm, safe and relaxing atmosphere for your treatment, and are happy to talk your concerns and feelings through at length to work out the best way to manage your anxiety.

Making your treatment manageable

For some patients, it is enough to understand what the treatment will entail and to explain the measures taken to safeguard your comfort at all times. However, this isn’t always enough. If you are a nervous patient and very anxious, we are able to provide sedation to make your treatment entirely manageable.

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Nervous patients

The Campbell Clinic is experienced at helping nervous patients overcome their fear of the dentist. There are many ways we can help you:
  • We have extensive experience of treating nervous patients
  • We understand that you may have dental anxiety or dental phobia
  • We provide a calm & relaxing environment
  • You are welcome to discuss your concerns with us
  • Help & support when you need it
  • Sedation available

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