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Will I have a gap?
We would not want to leave you with a gap at the front of your mouth if you were having a tooth out in that area and so what we would plan to do would be to make you a replacement tooth ready for when you have your tooth out.
What is the best age to start Orthodontic treatment?
I wouldn't say there's a best age, I'd probably suggest that the younger you are the quicker your teeth may move but we have a lot of patients here in their middle age and the treatment times and the ...
Is Orthodontic treatment a permanent fix?
I’d like to think that we will try and get your teeth into a stable long-term position however all patients must understand the importance of retainers to prevent relapse.
What are the options for straightening teeth?
At The Campbell Clinic in Nottingham we have a range of treatment options individually suited to your requirements. Whilst we offer traditional metal fixbraces and ceramic braces we also offer ...