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What are the symptoms of gum disease?
You don't always experience symptoms of gum disease. It's often a painless process which goes on in the background without patients realizing.
Can gum disease be cured?
There isn't a cure for gum disease if you have periodontitis. We can, however, help you get as stable as possible so you can lead a happy, healthy life with gums, which you feel confident.
Rajan Nansi - Dentist in Nottingham at The Campbell Clinic
Here at The Campbell Clinic there are many clinicians and staff members you can meet, here you can get to know a little bit about Rajan Nansi, one of our dentists. 
What are the alternatives when taking impressions?
So, one of the options that we do have here is we've got an intraoral scanner, so that's a little magic wand effectively that we can take lots of pictures of the patient's mouth with instead of using ...