Why Choose Us for Dental Implants?

Here at the Campbell Clinic we have a proven track record of successfully placing dental implants. Our highly skilled, multidisciplinary team of specialists brings their extensive clinical experience to your treatment, and the measurable success rate of our treatments speaks for itself when it comes our expertise in providing dental implants and full arch reconstructions.

Why Choose Us? 

As a clinic:

  • Superior dental implant system: We have researched extensively to find the best implant system, Straumann, that can offer patients unrivalled success. 
  • Collective expertise: We have significant clinical experience between ourselves, so you can rest assured your treatment is in safe hands. 
  • Multidisciplinary specialists: As team of specialist dentists from a variety of areas in dentistry, we have the unique benefit that we can offer all of our treatments in-house. 
  • Respected trainers: Our team members regularly teach and instruct other dentists because their skill levels are so advanced.
  • Like family: For us, every patient’s treatment is personal. We put you in the shoes of our family members, ensuring we always offer you the absolute best in patient care.
  • Our 10 years' guarantee: We are able to offer a 10 year guarantee on some of our implant treatments as Colin Campbell has very carefully analysed the success and survival of the dental implants he has placed over the past 15 years. 

Our 10 years' guarantee

We know that our implant survival rate over 10 years is in the region of 96 – 97% and this gives us the confidence to be able to apply a 10 year guarantee to some of our implant treatment at the practice. This guarantee will be fully explained on individual cases and provided in a consent document for patients.

We believe we are one of the first practices in the UK to offer such an extensive guarantee.

Years of Combined Implant Experience

The clinicians at The Campbell Clinic, including Colin Campbell, Andrew Legg, Beatriz Sanchez, Alex Jones, and Karen Walker, have over 100 years of combined experience in treating patients in implant dentistry. This wealth of experience allows us to provide the best possible treatment options and advice for patients, which combine to give outstanding results and the confidence of a 10-year guarantee on some of our implants. 

When you choose the Campbell Clinic you get access to a state-of-the-art clinic, with a dedicated and passionate team of specialists who will work together to restore your teeth skillfully whilst ensuring you are comfortable and well looked after throughout your experience.


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