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What is a dental implant?
A dental implant is essentially a screw which is very carefully inserted into a patient's jaw to allow connection to an artificial tooth/denture. The vast majority of dental implants are metal (titanium) which is a similar technology to artificial hips and knees. To find out more, visit our Patient's Guide to dental implants.

Are dental implants for everyone?
Although dental implants can be a fantastic method for replacing missing teeth, they are not necessarily for everyone. There are many options for replacing missing teeth for individual patients. These are generally bespoke (specifically to the individual) which is why it is so important to be assessed by a well-trained and experienced clinician.

What are the benefits of dental implants?
If suitable for dental implant treatment the benefits can be huge. The ability to have a replacement of an individual tooth without wearing a denture can be massive for patients. The longevity of implants, if provided properly and looked after properly, is generally likely to outweigh the longevity of any type of dental restoration.

How much do dental implants cost?
We provide 3 levels of pricing for dental implant treatment whether you are seeking expert specialist care for 10-year guarantees, wonderful clinician care for 5-year guarantees or affordable implant dentistry provided in a teaching environment. Costs do vary according to the exact treatment you receive and each individual dental implant case for a patient is bespoke with no two cases ever the same. Here you can find out more about the cost of undertaking dental implant treatment. 

Can I have dental implants placed in Nottingham?
If you live in or near to Nottingham and are interested in dental implants, we can help by assessing your suitability for treatment and answering running you through the procedure in more detail. You can arrange your consultation here.

Is there a guarantee available for my treatment?
We are able to offer a 10 year guarantee on some of our implant treatments. Colin Campbell has very carefully analysed the success and survival of the dental implants he has placed over the past 20 years and knows implant survival rate over 10 years is in the region of 96-97%. This gives you the confidence to be able to apply a 10 year guarantee on certain levels of our implant treatments at the practice.

Eliminate dentures in one day
With conventional dental implants, you still face a period of time with gaps in your teeth where the implant has been placed or wearing often ill-fitting dentures. This can be embarrassing, uncomfortable and affect your self-confidence. With our fast implants, you no longer face these problems.



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