The Campbell Clinic Peer Reviews

Explore how you can collaborate with local practitioners and colleagues

The Campbell Clinic aims to provide a Peer Review group for discussion of like-minded practitioners, to allow collaboration and idea-sharing to make things better and receive verifiable CPD in the process.

The mission statement of The Campbell Clinic is to positively influence the lives of as many people as possible through the work we do and the example we set and the peer review is part of this.

The Campbell Clinic supports peer review groups for general dental practitioners, young dentists, hygienists and practice managers and all are welcome at all meetings. If you're interested in more information about these, please get in touch with us. 

Our Peer Reviews
Below are the dates for our five Peer Review evenings hosted in 2024! We have an array of speakers joining us to cover various topics for dentists and their teams.

Wednesday 21st February

Stress, suicide prevention and team wellbeing.


With Professor John Gibson

Wednesday 24th April

The Lucie Simic recipe for the development of the dental team


With Lucie Simic

Wednesday 20th June

Dental Anxiety Management


With Mike Gow

Wednesday 11th September

Motivating the modern dental team


With Chris Barrow

Wednesday 27th November

Treatment Coordinators


With Laura Horton