The Campbell Clinic Study Clubs

Peer Review, Hygienist Study Club, Young Dentist Study Club.

Over the years The Campbell Clinic has run multiple Study clubs and Peer Reviews to help get the dentistry industry to communicate and be open and honest with regard to one other, our patients, and the industry as a whole. 

After several Peer Reviews, run by Colin Campbell, we decided that splitting our Study Clubs would have the best effect on the dentistry industry. Therefore, we have decided to run an overall Peer Review, a Young Dentists Study Club, and a Hygienist Study Club. That way, we can ensure that all topics can be covered to the best of our ability. 

These Study Clubs will be run by Colin Campbell, Nishant Yadev, a clinician at the Clinic, and Karen Walker, the Clinic's Head Hygienist. These Study Clubs will be running monthly, both virtually and in-house. If you're interested in finding out more information about these, then please contact us. 

Our Study Clubs

Peer Review

Ran by Colin Campbell, Colin will discuss cases and ongoing discussions chosen by attendees.