Single Dental Implants Nottingham

Single missing tooth

Single Dental Implant Treatment Nottingham

If you have lost a single tooth, then a dental implant is often the best solution to replace it.


The Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Enables us to fully restore the appearance and function of your teeth
  • A complete restoration that does not require damage or sacrifice the health of the neighbouring teeth
  • Excellent aesthetic results of any restoration
  • Easier to keep clean
  • Preserves bone and tissue
  • Guaranteed by The Campbell Clinic for 10 years depending on the treatment 

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What are dental implants?

A dental implant is a titanium screw that is placed in your jaw and fitted with a prosthetic tooth. Not only does the result look and feel natural, restoring the strength and function of a natural tooth, but it will also preserve the health of your neighboring teeth and your underlying bone structure. They are the nearest tooth replacement to your own natural teeth. At The Campbell Clinic, we use the Straumann Dental Implant system.

Dental implants are an option for most people and are almost undetectable once they have been fitted. They give the best results in terms of aesthetics and function, restoring the appearance of your smile or your bite, depending on where you have a gap. Dental implants are easier to clean than dentures and last much longer than any other restoration.

To find out more about dental implant treatment in Nottingham, visit our Patient Guide to Dental Implants!

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Are they long-lasting and natural-looking?

Dental implants are an option for most people and are almost undetectable once they have been fitted. They give the best results in terms of aesthetics and function, restoring the appearance of your smile or your bite, depending on where you have a gap. Dental implants are easier to clean than dentures and last much longer than any other restoration.

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Frequently asked questions
Is dental implant treatment painful?

Implant treatment is generally painless, as it is carried out under anaesthetic, and sedation can be used for nervous patients. We’re happy to arrange a meeting with patients who have already had implant treatment so that you have a better understanding of what is going to happen and so you can have any questions you might have answered by people who have already been through the process.

Have a watch of our video where Dental Surgeon Beatriz Sanchez, at The Campbell Clinic Nottingham, discusses what you would experience during dental implant treatment.


How long can implant treatment take?

The time required for individual treatment plans relates to the individual patient and is assessed fully with a full clinical assessment. In some cases, teeth can be extracted, implants can be placed and a restoration can be placed on the same day. This has to be very carefully assessed and the risks and benefits discussed carefully with each individual patient.

This is not suitable for all cases.

Other times, placement of a crown on top of a healed dental implant can happen as short as 6-8 weeks after surgery, but in other cases and individual circumstances this can be up to 3 months.

How do I know if I'm suitable for dental implant treatment?

The best way to assess your suitability for implant treatment is to discuss this with a well-qualified and experienced team. This can be discussed with a treatment coordinator in the first instance, but a full clinical assessment, taking into consideration your oral/dental health and overall medical health, together with your personal circumstances are required to decide whether you’re suitable for treatment.

Suitability for treatment then becomes a discussion between your clinician and yourself to assess the risks and benefits of the treatment overall.

Are dental implants for everyone?

Although dental implants can be a fantastic method for replacing missing teeth, they are not necessarily for everyone. There are many options for replacing missing teeth for individual patients. These are generally bespoke (specifically to the individual) which is why it is so important to be assessed by a well-trained and experienced clinician.

How will I know how many implants I will need?

It is rarely necessary in larger cases to place a single dental implant for each individual tooth. The number of implants required can be discussed with your clinician as all treatment should be an open and honest discussion between patient and clinician, discussing the risks and benefits associated.

Are my implants guaranteed?

We are able to offer a 10-year guarantee on some of our implant treatments. Colin Campbell has very carefully analysed the success and survival of the dental implants he has placed over the past 15 years and knows implant survival rate over 10 years is in the region of 96-97%. This gives you the confidence to be able to apply a 10-year guarantee on certain levels of our implant treatments at the practice.

Do I need to care for my dental implants?

Research shows that dental implants should be cared for very carefully by a well-qualified team following the provision of care. If you wish to retain your implants for a long period of time-specific hygiene treatment, x-rays and oral health instruction should be carried out regularly following treatment; the frequency of this varies depending on individual patient requirements and the complexity of treatment provided.

How much do dental implants cost?

We provide 3 levels of pricing for dental implant treatment whether you are seeking expert specialist care for 10-year guarantees, wonderful clinician care for 5-year guarantees, or affordable implant dentistry provided in a teaching environment. 

Costs do vary according to the exact treatment you receive and each individual dental implant case for a patient is bespoke with no two cases ever the same. Here you can find out more about the cost of undertaking dental implant treatment. 

Can I have dental implants placed in Nottingham?

If you live in or near to Nottingham and are interested in dental implants, we can help by assessing your suitability for treatment and answering running you through the procedure in more detail. You can arrange your consultation here.