Dental Treatments Available

Implant Dentistry - Colin Campbell and Andrew Legg

At The Campbell Clinic, we have more than 100’ years combined experience of fitting dental implants and offer a range of dental implant services from single implants to ‘Teeth in a morning’ and complete smile implants.


Oral Surgery - Colin Campbell and Andrew Legg

Colin Campbell and Andrew Legg are able to perform a wide range of oral surgical procedures, including the removal of wisdom teeth and buried teeth, treatment of tooth infections (apicectomy), and removal of mouth and facial ‘lumps and bumps’. We use the latest techniques to achieve maximum comfort in carrying out these procedures.

Endodontics - Bill Seddon

Endodontics as a specialism covers a series of procedures that save dead or dying teeth and prevent or treat dental infections that cause pain and discomfort. Bill has extensive experience in the treatment of complex restorative cases including management of tooth wear and the failing dentition

Restorative Dentistry - Nish Yadev and Andrew Legg

We offer a range of treatments and techniques to strengthen damaged teeth or replace missing teeth. Restorations such as crowns, bridges and veneers are constructed using the very latest aesthetic dentistry materials.

Hygiene services - Karen Walker and Emma McCormack

Our hygiene services are provided by both Karen Walker and Emma McCormack and are available direct to patients or via a dentist's referral.



Orthodontics - Andrew Flett

We accept referrals for orthodontics cases. Andrew Flett’s expertise and techniques include orthodontic care for adults and children of all ages, aesthetic and invisible braces, surgical orthodontics and self-ligating braces.

Periodontics - Rajan Nansi

With the aim of keeping a patient’s natural teeth for life, we offer a range of gum disease treatments to prevent bleeding gums, repeated infections, bad breath, and to secure loose and wobbly teeth. With gum disease, prevention is better than cure and, under Rajan Nansi’s capable guidance, the practice focuses heavily on this. Where gum disease is very advanced, we have techniques available to re-grow gum.

Cone Beam CT (CBCT) scanning

We are one of very few dental practices in the UK to provide Cone Beam CT (CBCT) scanning for patients. This three-dimensional scanner allows us to plan treatments with optimum precision for the best results. Scans can be provided at very short notice and full reports are given to the dentist who requested the scan.

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