Is there a treatment for my receding gums?

Gums can recede for a number of reasons.


It might be due to periodontal disease, or it might just be due to localized areas which have developed over time. It's important to have a full assessment to find out the cause of your receding gums.


And there are treatments available, treatments which can make the areas look better, feel stronger, and improve the resilience of the gum from future recession.


If you've got gum disease and you've got receding gums as a result of that, then the receding gums have to be managed carefully.


In those situations, we don't want the receding gums to get worse. The important thing is to seek advice and treatment as soon as you notice it.

Rajan Nansi

Rajan is a registered Specialist in Periodontics. He has extensive experience in private practice and working within multi-disciplinary specialist teams. Having graduated from Guy's, King's and St. Thomas' Dental Institute, King's College London, with a distinction in 'The Practice of Clinical Dentistry', he went on to pursue wide-ranging in experience General Dental Practice, the Community Dental Services and Hospital Services. During these years Rajan attained his Membership of the Faculty of Dental Surgery and one of the first group of dentists in the UK to achieve Membership of the Joint Dental Faculties at the Royal College of Surgeons of England.