Social Responsibility Legacy

At the heart of The Campbell Clinic is a drive to make a positive difference in people’s lives. The obvious way we do that is by giving people the best dental treatment and clinical care possible.

But equally important to us is our commitment to making a difference for people through the business.

We call these commitments our ‘Social Legacy’ because we want everything we do - with our patients, our team, our community, and the good causes we care about - to leave a legacy and make things better for future generations - both in Nottingham, the UK, and further afield.

As well as policies and commitments that support people's development and the environment, we do this by making money, time, and opportunities available.

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What we do

We hold an annual 'Campbell Giving Ball’ which raises funds for our causes

We support and facilitate our team to take part in fundraising activities, as well as raising funds day-to-day in the clinic

As a business, we donate 1% of our turnover each year to our Social Legacy fund, to give away to our causes

These elements result in a fund of around £30,000 per year for our chosen causes and commitments.

We release our team to take part in volunteering activities in the local area and overseas.

What we’re committed to

As you’d expect, as dentists we’re committed to oral health, and preventing and treating dental problems in the marginalised and disadvantaged.

We are also committed to our locality in Nottingham.

We are passionate about providing development and growth opportunities for Young People, particularly to access opportunities to consider dentistry as a career. 

We are committed to minimise our impact on the environment and running a sustainable business

How we outwork our commitments

We work strategically over a 3-year period with each of our causes, and some for longer. By doing so, we can make a significant difference through partnership, and help the causes achieve things that they can only achieve by knowing they have long-term backing from us and others.


Our Chosen Charities

As a referral practice, we provide treatment at the top end of what is technically and clinically possible. Because we also care about people who don’t have access to the most basic, pain-relieving and life-saving dental treatment, we work with Bridge2Aid.  

Bridge2Aid trains rural medical workers in East Africa to provide basic and emergency dentistry. For people living in rural areas, there are no dentists, and so the treatment that Bridge2Aid’s trainees provide can be life-saving.

We contribute funding and volunteer personnel for Bridge2Aid. Our annual donation pays for the training of 3-4 rural medical workers - enough to provide access to emergency dentistry to 40,000 people. Since we began, we’ve funded access for 300,000 people who would otherwise suffer in pain when they have a dental problem.

Local Charities

We are committed to our local community, and that’s why we work with these three charities,

All of which has a personal connection to the Campbell Clinic. We provide funding, volunteer time and profile to each of the charities, and have made a 3-year commitment to each.

Other Commitments

Next Generation Project 

Dentistry is a fantastic profession, and as a team, we feel privileged to have had the opportunity to become part of it. Many of the team are from backgrounds that you wouldn’t typically associate with a profession like dentistry, and we are proud that many of our team on both the clinical and management side have had the opportunity to grow and develop to reach their potential within The Campbell Clinic.

We are committed to doing this for more young people, introducing them to dentistry as a career, and providing them with the experience and ‘leg up’ that they may need to enter the profession as dentists, nurses, or support staff. 

We do this by providing work experience opportunities for local school children and college students. We assist with expenses where this would prevent the student from travelling to us. We also provide mentoring opportunities and support for dental students.

Environment & Sustainability Within Practice

From the procurement of products made from recycled materials to the recycling of anything from paper to drinks cans and used dental care products, we do whatever is possible to reduce our environmental footprint.

We also look to reduce our energy consumption through a strict power down policy, and restricted use of air conditioning. The energy we do consume comes from sustainable sources through green energy supply.

Local Small Charities Across Nottinghamshire 

Because we recognise there are some brilliant small charities doing great work locally, we also provide a small fund each month for local causes. Our Charity and Community Committee make the decision each month on which causes to donate to. All though these are small amounts in comparison to our main Social Legacy causes, they make a big difference.

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