What we do

Improving patient experience and outcomes is at the heart of our move into practice-based research. We aim to assess current practice in implant dentistry and other aspects of our service in order to study patient satisfaction and long term outcomes. These findings will help us understand the level of care we provide, identify areas for improvement, and maintain a high standard of service for you. 

Current studies

  • Anterior implant aesthetic outcomes
  • A maxillary sinus scoring system for CBCT scans
  • Patient-reported outcomes in full arch implant treatment
  • Short term recovery from implant surgery
  • Sinus grafting surgery and residual bone height

Get involved

We include a patient information sheet about our research in communications with you. This includes the option for you to consent for your (anonymised) data to be stored and used in future studies. Your clinician will discuss this form with you and answer any questions you may have before you decide whether or not to give us consent to use your data. This will not involve changes to your care or treatment but may ask for your views on treatment results.

We welcome input and feedback from our patients – if you would like to know more about our research just let our staff know next time you are in, or contact us on

Data Protection

In order to comply with General Data Protection Regulations, from May 2018 our Patient Information Sheet will be accompanied by a research transparency statement. Here is the full version of the Study Consent Documents including Patient Information Sheet, Research Consent Form and the research transparency statement.

For researchers

The Campbell Clinic aims to create a research culture and environment which can produce high-quality practice-based research, with the aim of informing treatment and affecting patient outcomes. This vision will also set the scene for a UK move towards practice-based research, by establishing pathways for support and guidance in the field of private dentistry research.

We aim to publish and present work nationally and internally and develop collaborative research both within the UK and in Europe.

Contact us on if you would like to discuss this further.

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Our promise

We promise to treat you as we would treat members of our own families by:
  • Being polite and courteous, open and honest
    We will always be polite and listen to your opinions and feelings, being open and honest about the treatments we feel are best for you as an individual.
  • Investing in your care
    We promise to always invest in acquiring new knowledge, skills and technology, so that we can stay at the forefront of modern dental practice for the good of our patients and to share our experience with other dental professionals.
  • Respecting your time
    We understand that you are busy and will endeavour to see you on time whenever possible.
  • Providing a calm and caring environment
    We want you to feel calm, safe and cared for during every appointment. We will always strive to provide an environment that supports this.
  • Guaranteeing your implants
    Our implant treatments are all underpinned by more than 60 years’ combined experience within the practice, and knowledge that sits at the forefront of implantology. It is this experience which means we are able to guarantee your implants for ten years.

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