Price plan

We provide a 10-year guarantee on most dental implant treatments as long as you attend the practice regularly for check-up and review appointments as prescribed*.

All our treatment plans are bespoke, tailored to meet your individual needs and requests.

Before embarking on any treatment, you will receive a post-consultation letter with a full written treatment plan and a breakdown of the associated costs.

Time will be made available to allow discussion about any aspects of care that remain unclear.

Treatment Price


New patient consultation £178
Additional consultations Free of Charge
Endodontics Consultation £178
General Consultation £110
Panoral radiographs £102
Small radiographs £57
3-Dimensional scan £377

Restorative Treatment

Crowns and veneers £862
Bridges per tooth £862
Temporary crown £446
Fillings From £192
Core and Post £206
Fractured Post removal £273
Root canal treatment £759
Re-Root canal treatment £820


Fixed appliance (single arches) £3,415
Fixed appliance (both arches) £4,631
Twin blocks £695
Bonded retainer (single arch) £347
Bonded retainers (both arches) £579
Removable retainer From £220
Retainer replacement From £82
Invisalign From £1,736
Incognito lite From £3,397.67
Incognito full From £5,784.60

Oral Surgery

Simple extraction £192
Surgical extraction From £320
Wisdom tooth extraction From £320
Apical surgery £800
Sedation £640
Other surgical procedures (per hour) £640
Other surgical procedures (per 45 mins) £480
Other surgical procedures (per 30 mins) £320

Dental Implants

Study models £147
Bespoke guide for surgery (per arch) £203
Diagnostic Wax up £303
Temporary restoration From £413
Bespoke Temp restoration Price per case
Implant £1,978
Implant Crown £1,724
Implant with tooth £3,702
Simple bone graft £1,085
Block bone graft £2,042
Small Sinus lift £2,042
Large Sinus lift £2,674


Acrylic partial denture £703
Acrylic full denture (single arch) £1,085
Acrylic full denture (both arches) £1,596
Cobalt-chrome denture £1,468
Swiss denture concept £3,039
Temporary denture £413
Denture Reline £262
Tooth addition £110

Gum Treatment

Advanced gum treatment £1,094
Gum treatment 3 month review £145
Hygienist maintenance (per 15 mins) £54
Hygienist maintenance (per 30 mins) £108
Hygienist maintenance (per 45 mins) £162
Hygienist maintenance (per 1 hr) £216

Miscellaneous Treatments

Home teeth whitening (single arch) £320
Home teeth whitening (both arches) £479
Internal Tooth whitening £669
Soft bite guard £192
Hard stabilisation splint £640
Other procedures (per hour) £640
*subject to certain criteria. This will be discussed before you embark upon treatment.

Please ask about our practice membership plans. We will be happy to discuss these with you at your appointment.