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Below you will find some real patient case studies. These are success stories from people who have received treatment from our experienced dentists.

Patient Case Studies

Patient-Case-Study-2-Before Patient-Case-Study-2-After
Pre Treatment
Post Treatment

Patient Case 1

This Patient was looking for a solution to replace their missing teeth in the upper right corner of their mouth.

A full examination took place as well as a 2D x-ray to assess the area. We discussed all the different possible options available.

These being:

  1. A denture for that area.
  2. 2 dental implants in that area and a fixed bridge.

After discussing both options, the patient decided to go ahead with the fix solution having 2 dental implants and a bridge.

To begin treatment, we underwent digital planning taking a 3D scan, viewing the bone availability and anatomy that a normal radiograph wouldn’t show. From there we can plan exactly where the implants would be placed and the overall restoration.

During surgery two implants were placed and 3 months later with careful planning they were restored with a porcelain fixed bridge. 

Since the fitting of the restoration the patient has been attending the clinic yearly with one of our hygienists for reviews and hygiene maintenance to make sure they’re being cleaned deep and thoroughly. During this appointment, we can take an annual x-ray to make ensure that there are no problems. Everything has gone uneventful since.

Patient-Case-Study-3-Before Patient-Case-Study-3-After
Pre Treatment
Post Treatment

Patient Case 2

This patient no longer wanted to wear a partial denture and wanted to discuss restorative options, his main interest and chosen option being implants.

A CBCT scan was carried out, allowing us to be able to position an implant and plan the surgery all by using the Sirona Galaxis implant planning software. A surgical stent was created and was used during surgery for implant positioning.

The surgery consisted of 4 implants with an open sinus grafting procedure.After a period of healing, a small insicion was made to expose the implants and impressions were taken. This allowed for a digital restorative phase. Using a piece of equipment that takes thousands of pictures a second to create a digital image of the area. The restorations were designed and milled in our milling machine. The temporary stage allowed for the bite to be analysed and corrected if necessary, making any adjustments before the final crowns were made. 

After the try in stage, the final restorations were milled in a material called monolithic Zirconia as a single piece three-unit bridge. These restorations were tried in for the approval of the patient before being secured in place.

Patient-Case-Study-4-Before Patient-Case-Study-4-After
Pre Treatment
Post Treatment

Patient Case 3

This patient attended the clinic with a fractured upper right lateral.

They had suffered trauma around 10 years previous and had been using a removable plastic denture since then.

They were looking for a more permanent solution.  

A dental implant was the treatment of choice.

There was a stage needed before the final crown was fitted where we placed a provisional crown immediately after the implant placement, this was done to model and contour the gum.

We provided whitening for the patient before the fitting of the final crown ensuring the lighter shade would match the rest of their dentition.

A soft night guard was provided at the end of the treatment for the patient to use during the night to protect their front teeth from tooth wear.

In total, this treatment took 10 months from start to finish including implant preparation, placement and, as this was an anterior tooth, the contouring of the gum shape. The gum shaping can vary from patient to patient, however during this period the patient was still fitted with a fixed restoration and therefore although the treatment took 10 months they had a fixed restoration in place within 4 months.

Patient-Case-Study-5-Before Patient-Case-Study-5-After
Pre Treatment
Post Treatment

Patient Case 4

This patient attended the clinic unhappy with the alignment of their upper and lower front teeth. They hadn’t had any brace treatment before and had reduced amount of vertical overlap (over bite) of her front incisor teeth.

In order to relieve the anterior crowding and improve the vertical overlap of their teeth a decision was made to extract all four second pre-molar teeth.

They began wearing fixed braces align the arches. Space closing springs were used to improve the vertical overlap of their teeth. They wore some elastic’s between her upper and lower brace to improve the interdigitation of her teeth towards the end of treatment. Overall their treatment took 1 year 8 months to complete.

The patient is now wearing vacuum formed plastic retainers every night for the next year to maintain the corrected position of their teeth. After 1 year the retainers will still have to be worn at least every other night.

Patient-Case-Study-6-Before Patient-Case-Study-6-After
Pre Treatment
Post Treatment

Patient Case 5

This patient attended the practice in April 2016, they were concerned about the appearance of their teeth. They had previously had orthodontic treatment which involved extraction of two lower teeth.

After comprehensive discussion, we decided to treat them with fixed appliances in the upper and lower arches (upper ceramic, lower metal) as well as an extraction of the lower right lateral incisor.

They were bonded up in August 2016 and after around 18 months of treatment was de bonded in April 2018.

To maintain the correct result the patient had a digitally manufactured Niti nicol titanium bonded retainer placed on the back surfaces of their upper front teeth, as well as an upper and lower vacuum form Essix retainers. These were advised to be worn at night.

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